Business Content Strategies
Content is the new king!

What content speaks to the surfers on your site?

According to the official Google webmaster-tools blog

About 90% of our web browsing starts with searches,

And on smartphones, about 95% start browsing searches.

And … today when people search on Google they are mostly looking for information and answers to burning questions.

Indeed, according to a survey by semarush, a company that specializes in SEO tools, about 70% of search engine beginners search for specific information, only about 30% know what they want and are honestly looking for the final product.

For example, there are many more searches for ‘How to treat back pain?’ Approves searches for ‘medical masseur’ or ‘shiatsu therapists’

There are far more searches for ‘what household expenses are recognized for income tax’ than a search for ‘accountants’

Clear focus on content

So how do all this data and statistics relate to you and your site?
If your site does not have a clear focus on the content and information that potential customers are looking for,
Your competitors – who will write original content that appeals to your target audience,
And answers burning questions,
Will ‘attract’ all potential customers who could come to your site!

Before uploading new, fresh and original content to your site,
It is important to characterize the target audience:

What interests him?
What exactly is he searching for on Google?
What are the burning and important questions he asks?
What will make him stay on your site?

Business Content Writing Strategy

We specialize in content strategies which means we will characterize with you your target audience,
We will refine the exact phrases and search words that he is looking for and we will understand what content should be written and in what style it should be written.

We are sure that you have professional experience in your field and that you have tips, advice, articles and more …
Who can help surfers / potential customers who come to your site.

Once prospects read your content and get real value,
They will be impressed by you, your experience and your knowledge,
And the chances that they will also want to enjoy your services or products will of course increase by dozens of counters.